Become an Ice Cream Queen with this lollipop inspired collection containing pure essential oils. This Gift Pack contains: Vanilla Sky Bubble Bath: Float on a bubbly cloud of vanilla scents and pure ylang ylang and vetiver essential oils to carry you to a higher state of euphoria. Ice Cream Funday Bath Mallow: One scoop or two? With this ice cream inspired delight, the memories of summer days on the beach are all year round! Whipped with frankincense & Geranium essential oils, you'll wish you had hundreds and thousands! Coconut Creme Bath Buttercup: A buttery coconut fragrance beckons you with its tropical temptations, and calls you over to enjoy buttery nourishing softness and pure jasmine and coconut oils. Ice Cream Queen Bath Blaster: Crowned with a royally creamy swirl of natural butters and pure sandalwood and bergamot essential oils to give your skin and spirit a treatment fit for a queen! Castaway Soap: Slip into your bathrobe of woven palm fronds, ask "Man Friday" to run you a hot one, then pour you a cold one and imagine a warm breeze and a turquoise ocean with palm fringed shores as you bathe in the luxury of Frankincense and Ylang Ylang essential oils. Relax and unwind whilst the essential oils de-stress your emotions. Not suitable for small children under 3. Do not consume. Rinse bath well after use.
  • You scream, we scream, everyone screams for ice cream
  • Contains 1 x Bath Blaster, 2 x Bath Melts, 1 x Soap Slice, 1 x Bubble Bath
  • Mixed, coloured, poured, shaped and fragranced by hand
  • We NEVER have and NEVER will test our finished products or ingredients on animals
  • Handmade with free extra love

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Bomb Cosmetics Ice Cream Queen Handmade Gift Pack

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